Artist Statement

I believe in the truth of the image in the heart of those moments when time stands still. In those moments, I am a conduit: there to capture the unscripted. When Emily Dickinson writes about hope as the thing with feathers or ee cummings writes that not even the rain has such small hands. When you experience something completely — your lovers embrace, the feel of your baby in your arms, the soft fur of your pet under your hands, the sun and salt on your skin, the sound of rain. I am there not to intrude, to choreograph you or pose, but rather to capture the moments when time stands still. Those are the moments I believe are the most real. Those are the moments I live for as a photographer: to become one with a subject enough for timelessness to reveal itself. And when it does, I will be there to capture it: the moment when the space my subject is in becomes a holy space. There is a peace and energy about being in the moment that brings bliss to that experience. That energy is my compass: When it's open up and it flows… and the act of cherishing brings you out of linear experience. Capturing the unique character of your canine companion, a snapshot of the soul of an animal.